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Empowering farmers

At Ajogbe Foods, we are dedicated to empowering farmers by providing the necessary support to ensure their success. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from land access to market facilitation, ensuring that farmers can focus on what they do best—growing high-quality produce.

Here’s how we support our farmers:

Access to Farmlands

We understand that acquiring farmland is one of the biggest challenges new and existing farmers face. Ajogbe Foods facilitates access to fertile lands, providing the foundation needed to start or expand your farming operations. Our extensive network and partnerships ensure that farmers have the land they need to cultivate their crops and rear their livestock effectively.

Guaranteed Market Access

We take the uncertainty out of farming by acting as guaranteed off-takers for your food and agricultural produce. This means that you can farm with confidence, knowing that there is a ready market for your harvest. Our commitment to buying your produce at fair prices ensures a stable income, allowing you to reinvest in your farming activities and grow your business.

Comprehensive Agricultural Support

Farming successfully requires more than just land and market access. At Ajogbe Foods, we provide a full suite of support services to help you thrive:

  • Agro-inputs Supply: We ensure you get the right seeds, fertilizers, and other essential inputs in a timely manner, critical for successful farming operations.
  • Farm Set-Up Guidance: Our experts guide you through the most efficient ways to embark on your farming operations and agricultural projects, maximizing productivity and sustainability.
  • Farm Insurance: We offer agricultural insurance that covers crop and livestock from land preparation to post-harvest events, giving you the security needed to focus on optimal production.
  • Farm Machinery and Irrigation: Access to modern farm machinery and clean water for irrigation is crucial. We provide the resources and support necessary to maintain your farm’s productivity.
  • Engineering & Construction: Whether you need storage silos, haybarns, irrigation systems, or basic agricultural tools, we are your go-to partners for building the infrastructure required for successful farming.

Produce Aggregation and Storage

Smallholder farmers benefit from our produce aggregation services, gaining access to our state-of-the-art storage infrastructure. This ensures that your harvest is stored safely and reaches the market in the best possible condition, minimizing losses and maximizing returns.

Food Processing

Our commercial plants are equipped to process and produce finished and semi-finished food and agro-products. This includes manufacturing high-quality animal feeds for ruminants and other livestock, enhancing the value of your produce.

Feedlot Nigeria

As the pioneers of Nigeria’s first concentrated animal feeding operations under our trademark Feedlot Nigeria, we provide professional care for cattle, goats, and rams. Our animals are nurtured with Total Mix Ration (TMR) feeds and clean water, ensuring they are healthy, well-fattened, and produce high-quality, traceable meat.

Partner with Us

Ajogbe Foods treats our farmers as partners, providing the support, resources, and market access needed to succeed in the agricultural industry. By partnering with us, you gain a reliable ally committed to your growth and prosperity.

Join us today and experience the Ajogbe difference. Farm with confidence, knowing that your produce will reach the right markets at the right time, and at the right price. Let’s grow together!

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