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Enabling Communication

Engineers at Ajogbe have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in assisting clients deliver cutting edge Information technologies, Security and Telecommunications engineering solutions. We approach each project with painstaking attention to the details of the clients' requirements at both planning and implementation phases. Telecoms service at Ajogbe is a team of technology enthusiast with over fifty years of combined experience of telecom project planning and rollout.

As a strategic business unit, we have the requisite technical expertise to deliver technology solutions

  • Core network and transmission planning

    Planning at the core network and transmission is the heart of every telecommunications infrastructure solutions. Our Engineers have been actively involved in the rollout operations of the three leading operators in Nigeria, assisting in the following expert areas:

    • Core network planning;
    • Radio frequency and optimization;
    • Route survey for External Line Plant (ELP) based Copper and Optical Fiber Cabling;
    • Line of site (LOS) engineering for microwave and satellite infrastructure;
    • Radio frequency planning and core network implementation;
    • PDH and SDH transmission planning, design, implementation and maintenance;
    • Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) solutions designs and deployment
  • Cell site deployment

    Our experience in network rollout extends to over 1500 cell sites deployed for five networks over a decade. Ajogbe has garnered field level experience in translating radio, core network designs and transmission planning into a service supporting infrastructure, providing among others, the following key services:

    • Coverage survey, site survey and selection, Site acquisition (Green field and rooftop);
    • Soil tests, shelter base and tower foundations, construction and engineering of tower with accessories;
    • Installation of Diplexer, RF cable routing with jumpers and surge arrestors;
    • Installation of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and accessories;
    • Post installation Sweep tests;
    • Electromechanical installations and maintenance.
  • External Line Plant Engineering

    Our ELP units carry out route survey and planning, design of metro, campus and backbone optical fiber networks; design and upgrade of copper networks with underground ducts and link to existing and new exchange areas. The following are some of the key expert areas of our team:

    • Route marking/pegging and Excavations and thrust boring of road;
    • Construction of Conduit, HDPE, PVC/Steel, pre-cast or cast on site chambers;
    • Construction of reinforced concrete slabs on bridges, cabinet base, manholes;
    • Construction of erosion protection slab and stone pitching;
    • Direct buried cable laying, blowing and pulling of Cables in conduits;
    • Layered backfilling of excavated earths and asphalt;
    • Restoration of Asphalts, Concrete, Shoulder (tar macadam) and landscaping;
    • Wooden or steel pole erection and stringing;
    • Main Distribution Frame (MDF) installation;
    • Multi-way duct designs and constructions;
    • DP Installations and Cabinet installations;
    • Cable jointing, Splicing and termination for Optical Fiber and Copper access Networks;
    • Operations and Maintenance of external line plant infrastructures.
  • Structured cabling and wireless solutions

    The private and corporate need for multimedia file sharing and data exchange in today’s interconnected world requires fast and seamless networks, reliable and user friendly; which may run through wireless and cabling interfaces. Our Engineers have the experience to design and implement multi-layer and need based infrastructure solutions that best fit the unique needs of each client. We boast an impressive experience in the following areas of service where we have continued to delight our clients

    • Campus Fibre Network deployment;
    • Local Area Network (LAN) structured Cabling;
    • Metro Fibre Network;
    • Network Solutions (e.g. Cisco, Huawei, Juniper);
    • Microwave Radio deployment;
    • Backhauling and Last miles deployments;
    • Unified Wireless Solutions.
  • Security Solutions

    The challenge of securing and protecting people and assets against the backdrop of increasing human population and global economic challenges over the last decades has necessitated a modern approach to policing. The new paradigm calls for precise monitoring, intelligence gathering to curtail the ever increasing threats of borderless terrorism, kidnapping, illegal influx, organized theft and smuggling. Our security solution provides cost effective integration of hardware and software services in the following areas:

    • Voice and Data Encryption Systems;
    • Radio Frequency Identification Devices for security and access control;
    • Access Control Systems with Biometrics, PIN, Facial Recognition and RFID;
    • CCTV Systems with Analog, Digital and Thermal capability for motion detections;
    • Perimeter Fencing and Facility Guarding Systems for anti- intrusions.
  • Facility Maintenance Service

    The Engineers at Ajogbe grew through the Nigerian telecom revolution that started in 2001, as planners, survey specialists and deployment managers. The cumulative knowledge gained on the backdrop of technical training has expanded our knowledge horizon to the point that we are able to provide comprehensive maintenance services; in line with the demand of mass telephony services. Our maintenance staff operates across the following service spectrum:

    • Maintenance of cell sites assets, including electromechanical accessories;
    • Maintenance of Optical Fibre Cables (OFC) and Infrastructures;
    • Maintenance of Copper cable, networks and Infrastructures.
  • Project and Program Management

    At Ajogbe, the senior staffs of our Program Management practice have combined projects management experience in excess of thirty years, acquired from the 5 leading market leaders in Africa, across engineering planning, service deployment and regulatory spheres. We leverage on our local know-how and unique exposures to meet your advisory and service needs in the following areas:

    • Gaps analysis, specifications of technical requirements for RFI, RFQ and RFP;
    • Project evaluation, vendor management and employee sourcing;
    • Market research and Technology needs analysis for business start-up and transformation;
    • Procurement of Right of Way and Way Leave permits.


We invite graduate trainees and experienced professionals in any area of our services to join our team