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Power To You

We are a leading Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance (EPCM) contracting company of Ajogbe Group. We carry out the design, procurement, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of Electrical systems, Air Conditioning Systems, Plumbing, Sewage and Sanitary Works, Instrumentations, Telecommunication Systems, Fire Fighting Services, Grid Power Supply and Rural Electrifications and Value Engineering services for Industrial, Residential and Commercial Developments.

Ajogbe is a turnkey Power Services provider with technical and management expertise that cuts across the Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Maintenance of infrastructures

  • Power Generation

    • Gas Turbine, Steam, Hydro turbine and diesel generating sets
    • Engineering designs and installation of renewable energy as Solar cells and Wind
  • Power Transmission

    • Engineering design, Procurement and Construction of 33kV and 11kV Transmission lines on concrete and steel Lattice Tower, together with associated substation structures;
    • Engineering design, Procurement and Construction of 330kV and 132kV Transmission lines on steel towers
  • Power Distribution

    • Engineering design, Procurement and Construction of 33/11kV Switching Substations, with control and switch Gear; Supply and Installation of Distribution Transformers 11/0.415kV and 33/0.415 kV from 50kVA to 15MVA
  • Mechanical Engineering

    • Design, Supply and installation of window and split units air-conditioning system Supply and installation of cooling towers, chillers, ducts, fan-wire and Air Handling units;
    • Supply and installation of Industrial pipes;
    • Supply, Installation and maintenance of fire and detection, sprinkler systems, and fire hose reels, extinguishers, including raid and alarm systems;
    • Construction of boreholes and water treatment plants
  • Electrical Engineering Services

    • Electrical designs for building of various designs and floors;
    • Supply, Installation and maintenance of Electrical circuits, fittings, Sockets, Power generators, Transformers and Electrical panels;
    • Supply and Installation of Power Distribution box, cables, PABX and telephone sets.
  • Water and Hydrology Services

    Our Water and Hydrological Services unit offer complete water exploration and treatment solutions with focus areas on:

    • Water Resources Investigations, Utilisations and Management;
    • Hydrological and Hydraulic Engineering for Water supply and Distribution;
    • Development of water bodies, swimming pools, fountains, recreation and playgrounds;
    • Design of Irrigation, Flood, erosion and Pollution control systems;
    • Analysis of Hydrometric Records;
    • Development and Analysis of Flow Equations, Flow Ratings and Calibrations at Flow Structures;
    • Hydro Energy for Micro, Small and Medium Power stations;
    • Exploration and Development of water bodies for swimming pools, fountains and recreations;
    • Treatment of waste water, Sanitation, Drainage and sewer management systems;
    • Construction of boreholes and water treatment plants.
  • Technical Support Services to DISCOs

    Our technical and management support services to power distribution companies include the following:

    • Technical Field Services and Marketing Management Services;
    • Revenue Cycle Management and Payment systems;
    • Management of Billing and Pre-Paid Metering systems;
    • Statistical and Grid Metering.
  • Electro-mechanical Repairs and Services

    • Reconditioning of Power Transformers, Frequency converters, Electric Motors, Circuit breakers and Alternators;
    • Fabrications of Shafts and End Shields;
    • Repairs and maintenance of Control Valves;
    • Medium voltage and Heavy machine repairs.
  • Repairs Plants and Machinery

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