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Making Dreams a Reality

Ajogbe Investments Limited is the venture capital investment arm of Ajogbe Group with the strategic focus of identifying opportunities for investment, our focus is in start-ups project in the Small and medium Enterprises (SME) market.

We provide venture capital to promising projects in Nigeria. If you have identified a niche product or service that aligns with your passion; and you can show us the potentials that others are yet to see, we would be willing to fund you at the start-up stage, in return for equity.

For project that requires more capital, we will introduce you to our associate partners for funding collaborations.

As our investee company, we will also provide you all the technical and management supports required to see your dream (business plan) take off from the idea stage to physical product and services; and stay with you for a period of up to 30 months. We will be willing to stay longer, if it is the best thing for the business! If you have done your business plans and would like to have a feel of your ideas, contact us to schedule a meeting opportunity to review your business plans.


We invite graduate trainees and experienced professionals in any area of our services to join our team