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Building Nigeria's Future

Ajogbe Construction and Engineering is a subsidiary of Ajogbe Group. It was established in 2008; we provide architectural, mechanical, electrical, civil and structural engineering services for building and construction projects in Nigeria.

  • Design Services

    Our designs enhance both built and natural environments, yet functional; and fulfilling the purpose for which they were conceived and developed. We see each project as unique and requiring specific and customized solution. Whether you want to revamp existing structures to enhance livability and value, or you are starting a new project, our engineers and architects will add value to your project.

    Our design services are cost effective without sacrificing the design integrity, and our client service is the key ingredient to our success, as we strive continuously to provide high standard Design Services.

  • Building Services

    We partner with individual and corporate organization to create a viable template for the provision of decent; affordable housing in designated suburban location in Nigeria. Our building practices are based on the international best standards of Quality, Value and Safety, with each aspect of the building process led by qualified experts with relevant experience. We pay attention to the minutest details of design to ensure the structures attain the design considerations and objectives, including the services as:

    • Structural design and bulk works;
    • Road and traffic engineering;
    • Building condition analysis and survey;
    • Fa├žade engineering;
    • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing services;
    • Audio, video and acoustics;
    • Vertical transportation;
    • Fire safety design
  • Geomatics/geospatial and Geotechnical Engineering

    We carry out geotechnical engineering studies- the engineering behaviour of earth materials, and uses principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics to investigate subsurface conditions and materials to determine the relevant physical, mechanical and chemical properties of these materials; which enables the evaluation of the stability of natural slopes and man-made soil deposits; for detailed assessment of the risks posed by site conditions; design earthworks and structure foundations; and also monitor site conditions, earthworks and foundation, which in turn improves our design and building standards.

    Our engineers have extensive experience in geomatics and geotechnical engineering and render services on:

    • Topographical and cadastral survey, including traverse, reconnaissance and establishment of boundary beacons;
    • Seabed survey services (geophysical, bathymetric and geotechnical);
    • Drilling site surveys, Field development surveys, debris surveys and Ad hoc specific surveys;
    • Geological and geotechnical services for near shore activities with laboratory analysis of geotechnical samples;
    • Borehole drilling, field and laboratory testing of soil parameters for foundation design, Shear box testing, Sieve and particle distribution analysis;
    • Natural water content, analysis of magnesium in solution by ICP-AES, calcium carbonate content.
  • Piling

    Our construction services include CFA piling, Driven piling, Pile load testing, and Pile integrity testing for residential, warehouse and industrial buildings;

  • Construction Services

    Construction is one of the icons in our business and our services focus on the needs and expectation of our clients. We engage in construction of structures for Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Hospital and Religious purposes. Our success is attributable to our technical experience, passion and solution oriented construction approach and true professionalism that we bring to every of our projects.

    From concrete foundation for residential housing, commercial buildings, process tanks and industrial structures, to fabrication, installation and restructuring of steel works, pipe bridges, factory buildings and industrial warehouses, Ajogbe assures of Quality engineering works. We also carry out the following construction and engineering services:

    • Civil works and buildings, Earth works (Excavation), Haulage and compaction works;
    • Reinforced Drainage Construction;
    • Road Repair works;
    • Third party inspection, testing and certification;
    • Dredging services;
    • Post construction maintenance of roads, bridge, canals.
  • Civil/Structural Engineering Services

    Our civil and structural engineering services develop and transform civil and structural engineering ideas to reality, through systematic application of scientific and mathematical laws to practical ends. We serve the needs of clients with diverse budget to create structures that edify sight and environments. Our structures stand sturdy and built to last.

  • Highway and Traffic Engineering Services

    Our Highway and Traffic engineering unit uses engineering techniques to achieve safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roadways. We focus mainly on adaptive research for safe and efficient traffic flow, such as road geometry, sidewalks and crosswalks, segregated cycle facilities, shared lane marking, traffic signs, road surface markings and traffic lights; to create a modern and functional transportation system.

    Our highway and traffic engineering projects involve designing geometry; horizontal and vertical alignment and road pavements, traffic control device installations and modifications, including traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings.

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