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Helping to Feed a Nation

Ajogbe agribusiness is an integrated agriculture value chain enterprise dedicated to food production, processing and commodity trading. This business represents an active response to the challenge of the looming food insecurity and underutilization of farmland assets, through our activities in land preparation, crop cultivation and distribution.

Our pioneer research and demonstration farm started on 2000 acres of farmland assets where we cultivate corn and rice and help out-growers learn modern best practices for profitable commercial agriculture.

Ajogbe is poised to building a new generation of homegrown agriculture specialists and entrepreneurs across the value chains of production, processing and marketing

  • Agribusiness Investment Management Services

    Our Program and Project management and services provides agriculture enterprise services in the following areas:

    • Economic Analysis, Investment plan and feasibility studies of Agricultural enterprises;
    • Soil analysis and crop recommendations;
    • Sourcing and supply of crop inputs and ancillary;
    • Out-growers management, Sales and Distribution of farm Harvests;
    • Staff training on modern crop cultivation;
    • Commodity trading
  • Land Preparation Services

    Our land preparation unit provides the following services:

    • Land Clearing and Preparation Services;
    • Land mapping and cutting of perimeters and boundaries;
    • Division of farm into plots and construction of road networks on the farm.
  • Agricultural Engineering Services

    • Engineering, Procurement and Maintenance of Tractors, tillage, Seedling, Planting, Fertilizing and harvesting machines;
    • Storage design and construction;
    • Preservation of farm harvests;
  • Water Resources and Waste Management

    Water is life, and clearly the most important items that humans require daily in one form or the other, engineers at Ajogbe offer water engineering and hydrology solutions that address basic human needs, and complex industrial water resources management. From initial surveys, we develop template that can address the specific water needs of each client across the under-listed areas:

    • Water Resources Investigations, Planning and Management;
    • Water supply and Distribution;
    • Development of water bodies, swimming pools, fountains, recreation and playgrounds;
    • Irrigation systems, Flood and erosion control;
    • Groundwater exploration and Exploitation;
    • Water Sanitation, Drainage and sewer management systems;
    • Construction of boreholes and Water treatment plants.

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